FulL foCUS

Artists: Maarten Boekweit, Charlie Dance, Annegien van Doorn, Candice Jacobs
Exhibition: 20 December 2012 – 20 January 2013

HMK {Full Focus} is a winterresidency at Hotel MariaKapel in Hoorn, and consists of an intensive and reflective residencyperiod that results in an exhibition in the MariaChapel. Artists Candice Jacobs (UK), Annegien van Doorn (NL), Charlie Dance (UK) and Maarten Boekweit (NL) will partake in a program of workshops and discussions and collaborate on the groupexhibition Full Focus.

Candice Jacobs (UK) is particularly interested in collectivity and ideas of boredom, repetition, labour and value. Jacobs uses still and moving images, sound, words and objects that are often looped or repeated, to investigate meaning, meaningfulness and meaninglessness.

The work of Annegien van Doorn (NL) is based on the daily and personal surroundings of the artist, and often lays bare barely visible layers of meaning. In recent series the biographical aspect has made way for the eloquence of the depicted objects and subjects, which she isolates from their original contexts like a freeze-frame.

Artist Charlie Dance (UK) did not exist until three months ago. This alter-ego is fruit of the work ’Contract for the Transfer of Artistic Identity’ , August 2012. Dances’ works, mainly conceptually driven, explore the notions of the artistic practise by the means of authority, authorship, perception and the limits of our surroundings.

With his playful and naive approach Maarten Boekweit (NL) investigates social processes and expectations. Born near Hoorn, Boekweit returns to the area where he was raised to see to what extent he is able to distance himself from the society he experienced to be so oppressive. Now, living in The Hague as an artist, he asks himself if this outsider-role entitles him to express his opinions on the subject.