With: Ericka Florez, Adrian Gaitan, Juan Sébastian Ramirez (CO), Wouter Sibum, Maze de Boer
and Leonard van Munster (NL)
From 7 April t/m 28 April 2013

In March, HMK started Elopement with Colombian residency Lugar a Dudas from Cali, Colombian. In the past few weeks, two artists and one curator stayed in Hoorn, and toured several Dutch artspaces during their visit. They also worked on sketches an works for a show in the Maria Chapel, which will open this Sunday from 4 PM.
In April, Maze de Boer, Leonard van Munster and HMK curator Wouter Sibum will go to Colombia for a residency at LaD, followed with a show in their exhibitionspacce. Elopment was firstinitiated by HMK in 2009, to open up a dialogue with artists outside our Western perspective; in 2009 this lead to a remarkable presentation and lasting connection with Art Bakery from Cameroon.