REcaptUrEd surrOUnDiNGs

With: Joseph Gower, Agata Madejska, Luiza Margan and Jasper Niens.
Exhibition: February 9 till March 8, 2014

Recaptured Surroundings is an exhibition on the recapturing, and appropriating your immediate surroundings. The exhibition features works by four artists who copy various aspects of the urban environment and work their surroundings.

Joseph Gower presents an intervention in public space in which he establishes a link with Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of South America in Chile that is after the city of Hoorn. Agata Madesjka shows photographs she made in public space. She diffuses the context and exposes things to be examined: It allows to establish new relationships and to fill the frame with new context. Luiza Margan shows a new version of a work that is about copying and appropriating a form. The work is available to be partly taken home during the exhibition. Jasper Niens creates a site -specific installation in the Maria Chapel which occupies the space.

From light political satire to historical analytical work, visual examination and a meticulously build installation in an existing space. The surroundings are under scrutiny, to be exposed and to open up to the viewer.

Thursday, February 27, 7 PM
Evening with lectures and discussions on location inĀ Loft de Zotheid
Nieuwe Noord 12, Hoorn
Please check our website and FB page for the program and participants .