RemiGarE necesse est vivere non est necesse

Seamus Cater & Pawel Kruk
May 27-31, 2015

Under the banner of Hotel Maria Kapel, Pawel Kruk and Seamus Cater will present a series of performances entitled Remigare Necesse Est Vivere Non Est Necesse in the historic harbour town of Hoorn. Created during a two month working period in which they familiarized themselves with the locality, this series of one on one performances on the water, prompts the participants into wondering: ‘who are those strangers, can we trust them?’

The performances take single passengers onto the water in a small rowing boat and metaphorically take the living to the underworld and back again. Is it possible to develop a resonant relationship with a stranger in such a short time, in such confined surroundings? Remigare Necesse… addresses anxieties, nervousness, fears and hopes, with a polyphony of sensory information including speech, music, song, ritual and situation. In an attempt to discover these emotions, the artists endeavour to offset any potential feelings of claustrophobia, with a prosaic, modest quality of words and sound, and ask you to contemplate the unimaginable with them on a voyage of indeterminate scale.


The song created for the series of performances will be preserved on a 8″ vinyl record. The small artist edition of 50 will be handmade by master lathe cutter Sebastian Buczek. The covers for the records will be a series of 50 original drawings by Cater and Kruk. The records will be available for sale at HMK.

This project has kindly been supported by the Mondriaan Fund, the municipality of Hoorn, Leerwerkbedrijf Oostereiland and the following peoples and organizations: Bart Treuren, Tom Parkinson, James Beckett, Alena Alexandrova, Leonie Kruizinga, UnicornTeam BV, Daniël Dennis de Wit, Productiebureau Zorro, Agata Marszalek, Kapsalon Black en Blond, Boekweit|Olie, Willem van Duin Assurantiën, Martha Jong, Kaap Hoorn Accountants & Adviseurs B.V., Revka Bijl, Jos van Tol, Edward Thomson, Petra Heck, Jose van Amstel, Anouk van Reijen, Slijterij t Fust, De Kookwinkel, Jolien Pronk, De Trek Hoorn.