Tampopo Head and the name of the dogs

Toshie Takeuchi
17 January – 20 February 2016

The short film Tampopo Head and the Name of the Dogs by Toshie Takeuchi is about the formation of different relationships between people, and between people and animals. One of the main characters named Hilko is unusually close with the pack of female golden retrievers he shares his apartment with. Not only does he let his dogs completely take over and destroy his house, he has named all the dogs after people he knows, one being the artist Takeuchi herself. Hilko also has a neighbour named Ed, and both have a difficult relationship with the world outside the comforts of their homes. Ed is happier not looking for contact at all and also has a somewhat troubled relationship with his own daughter. Hilko is open and kind to everyone, but is constantly being misunderstood because he is considered different from ‘the norm’. For both, the world they have created with each other and the dogs, offers an escape from a world that doesn’t seem to accept them. The different realities of the individuals in the film and the lives of the dogs all collide and merge, suggesting another way of thinking somewhere between dream and reality.

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