Was Life Created?

Sisters From Another Mister
23 March – 16 April 2016

We live in a transitory time: near and far, ready- to-, detached, juxtaposed. A result of the process of editing history and knowledge for over 2000 years. We live in a fragmented, post- flicker reality. Was Life Created? is a reaction to the global assembly of artefacts and information we receive daily, like a leaflet sliding through our letterbox. The video unravels a series of existential questions, to which the only answer is their own echo. In an infinite loop into the unknown, travelling into foggy mountains, we feel almost in trance, disorientated, floating, our limbs melting into the landscape. What are the elements in which we exist, in which we inhabit ourselves? Is the reality of everyday life dissolved in a fantasy of another world? Not here, not there, day dreaming.