PoLlY’s PlayGrOunD

Polly’s Picture Show (Anne Huijnen and Anna de Jong), Maurits Koster, François Dey, Sarai de Haan, Silvia Ulloa Marquez, Adriana Bogdanova, Sonia de Jager, Céline Manz, Noël Loozen, Sara-Lena Maierhofer, Paula Winkler, Steven Bos & Susan Lanting, Linda Beumer, Mylou  Oord, Simon Wald-Lasowski, Arnar Ásgeirsson, Otto-Kaan, Abel Minnee
12 November – 10 December 2016

Polly’s Picture Show has taken over HMK! The artist collective invited 19 artists to create new work while in residence at HMK. In preparation for this show, and following the ideas of artist Constant Nieuwenhuys – a proponent of experimentation and creative play – Polly’s Picture Show filled the chapel with textile, wood, paint, chalk, a photocopier and many other materials to literally create a playground for artists. For several weeks, the space continuously changed: sculptures were built, demolished or used for photos, video and/or sound recordings. For the exhibition Polly’s Picture Show composed a presentation with and inspired by the works created by these artists. The presentation is both exhibition and collective installation consisting of a combination of existing objects, (remade) artworks and documentation. Ultimately, Polly’s Playground blurs and redefines the boundaries between artist and curator, between work, object and presentation.

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