ExtRaVaGanZA and SaunA

1 October 2017
Paralela, Curitiba, Brazil

In September/October 2017, HMK director Irene de Craen went to Brazil for a research period. On October 1, and in collaboration with partner organisation Galeria Farol, two events took place at Paralela in Curitiba.

With EXTRAVAGANZA local artists were given the opportunity to present their portfolio and discuss works in progress with participants of the event.

Followed by this was SAUNA: A hot talk with Irene de Craen and Keila Kern. Here Irene de Craen talked about non-profit spaces in the Netherlands and her current research Undercurrents that aims to question the relation between historic and present-day instances of movement such as colonialism, trade and migration, as well as the infra-structure and significance of mobility within the cultural field. Keila Kern, doctor in Visual Poeticas at ECA USP, presented her research 20 days of barely slept night. The presentation explored critical thought and strategy in art, specifically two cases of artistic resistance by Marcel Broodthaers.