TuPi oR Not tUpI

Arturo Kameya
28 February – 30 March 2018

During the residency period of artist Arturo Kameya and in anticipation of the exhibition Ghosts don’t care if you believe in them, which opens 31 March, Hotel Maria Kapel shows the video Tupi or not Tupi.

Tupi or not Tupi takes our views around ‘original’ and ‘copy’ as subject. By means of video and audio recordings made in Parisian museums and institutions, as well as an interview with a representative of the Musée de la Contrefaçon de l’Union des Fabricants (the museum of forgeries by the union of manufacturers), Kameya explores our idea of ‘authenticity’. The project examines the faded boundaries with regard to the reproduction, conservation and restoration of everyday life, the way in which it has (traditionally) been influenced by the sense of national and cultural pride, and the value of the ‘Made in France’ stamp and Western culture in general within the Latin American context.


This exhibition is part of the research platform Undercurrents, that is developed by former artistic director Irene de Craen. Undercurrents investigates the relationship between historical and contemporary forms of movement such as colonialism, trade and migration, as well as the infrastructure and significance of mobility in the cultural field. Visit undercurrents.nl for more information.