New in the shop: Pangi bottle by Marcel Pinas

Buy a piece of artwork and support the Kibii Foundation.

Part of the artistic practice of artist Marcel Pinas is to sell work that has been shown before and thus generate income for the Kibii Foundation. This foundation is committed to maintaining the culture of the Ndyuka and providing employment for the local community. In Moengo, Suriname, he established a center where young people learn more about their own culture and the value of preserving it, but they are also motivated to have a more positive outlook on life and their future.

The bottles that are for sale at Hotel Maria Kapel [HMK] are originally part of the work Kibii Wi Sani I from 2014. They are covered with the traditional pangi fabric, a custom with which medicine bottles used to be protected against the Surinamese sun and heat. Within the work of Pinas each bottle represents an individual, special and unique, but also part of a larger whole. Recently this work was on view in the exhibition Language is the only homeland at Nest, The Hague (8 September – 11 November 2018).

For the exhibition in HMK the artist decided to sell the bottles separately for € 10, – each. Order them in our shop.

Artist: Marcel Pinas
Used as part of a bigger installation, Kibii Wi Sani I from 2014, but are now sold individually.
Material: Empty bottles wrapped with pangi fabrics.
Colour: White, black or black/white chequered.
Various sizes, +- 10×35 cm.

Marcel Pinas, Kibii Wi San I, 2014