Edition: ‘Stories written before space travel but about space travel’ (still)

Arturo Kameya


Technique: C-print photo
Size: 41x55cm
Year: 2019
Edition: 10 +AP

HMK also offers the possibility to order this edition in an aluminum frame (50×70 cm) with passe partout, for € 150,-. For more information: support@hotelmariakapel.nl.

This print is a still from a video work by Arturo Kameya that is still in development.

The central idea of the ​​video is to understand what happens to cultural artifacts after their context disappears and how these fragments, both physically and also as carriers of information, roam around in an artificial space, in an infinite archive. In this space they interact with each other and learn from each other, similar to artificial intelligence.

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