(Nederlands) Sun Windows Moon Tendrils

Arvo Leo
Opening : 21 June 2019, 7-10 pm
Exhibition : 22 June -28 July 2019

Hotel Maria Kapel [HMK] invites you on the longest day of the year to the opening of our summer exhibition.

Sun Windows Moon Tendrils; a man on a roof, spider webs in the attic, a blue house, orchids vandalizing a couch, plastic garbage garlands, floating bricks, liquid windows, plant self-portraits, a hole in the floor, wet hands, a gang of bats and fish, dried flowers, a movie in the basement, two young gardens, hungry bees, an ecology of intermingling images and spaces.

The exhibition Sun Windows Moon Tendrils is Arvo Leo’s first incarnation of his flower trilogy, which is an entangling of his ongoing research into orchids, cannabis, and tulips. For this site-specific work, consisting of several sculptures, interventions and two movies, Leo has used many parts of the building to establish a local ecology – one in which a man who is living on the roof of the Mariakapel relocates bricks from the outside pavement into the chapel with the help of a long string, and in doing so creates new garden spaces on both sides of the building entrance. The bricks are then lowered down into the chapel and dropped into containers of water (liquid windows). After being submerged for a few days the bricks transform into a temporary currency that can be traded for dried flowers that occasionally rise up from a hole in the floor. Leo has also built a cinema inside the chapel to screen a film about a group of orchids playing around in his studio, sometimes destroying things.

PS: A welcome Gin & Tonic and bites will be served during the opening.