Tender Loving Care – Kevin Hunt & Harriet Rose Morley

For the period September-October 2019, artists Kevin Hunt and Harriet Rose Morley have been invited to redevelop the reception rooms of HMK. Together they will investigate how the spaces are currently being used, where the specific needs of the users and the public lie, and come up with inventive solutions to turn HMK into a pleasant, welcome place again. This ‘update’ does not proceed according to a predetermined plan but must be understood as an ongoing dialogue between artist, space and the organization. At the end of October the first results will be shown at HMK.

HMK has launched a crowdfunding campaign for this project. Donate now via voordekunst.nl, receive nice rewards and help us to realize this project.

Kevin Hunt

Kevin Hunt is an artist, curator and lecturer, with a special interest in the linguistic potential of everyday objects, forms and spaces. His sculptures, printed works and ‘social installations’ investigate the changing nature of language within the everyday context, and the possibilities this mutability allows; especially when we take things literally or run with misunderstandings. By misinterpreting objects, expressions and colloquialisms, the artist formulates a personal, associative vocabulary that is not always word-based; which results in an body of work that is becoming increasingly multi-faceted and collaborative.


Harriet Rose Morley

Harriet Rose Morley is a multi-disciplinary artist, maker, educator, and facilitator. She works across the disciplines of public art, sculpture, architectural spaces, furniture design, urban planning, and alternative education. Her work and projects often challenge our conceptions of the function of public art, urban objects and space; how they do but often don’t function, and how they can be sources of humorous critique of urban architectural space and planning.

Images: impressions of past projects, courtesy of the artists