what if it was all going to be ok?

Saturday, 14 December, 2-7 pm – a one-day meditation on navigating an artist residency, black womanhood, perfectionism and rest, lead by artist-in-residence Sekai Makoni.

The world is ending, wages are too low, christmas is looming, Tinder is a nightmare, microaggressions are a daily occurrence for black women and racism is rife. The world is full of anxiety. Hotel Maria Kapel and resident Sekai Makoni invites you to a one-day meditation on navigation, black womanhood, resisting perfectionism and choosing to resist through rest.

This workshop presents a thought experiment: what if we took a breath and tried to believe, it was all going to be ok? During this workshop we will attempt to set aside our worries, work collectively on a dining table with artist Harriet Rose Morley and witness a public conversation about black womanhood, perfectionism and rest with Hotel Maria Kapel resident Sekai Makoni and Marly Pierre-Louis. Attendees will also be invited to engage and reflect on rest, guilt and slowing down in their own lives.

The heart of HMK is its artist residency. Over the past 15 years HMK has welcomed many artists to work in the old chapel. This year we are taking time to reflect on what it means to host and care for artists. The program ‘Solid Care’ brings together a range of voices to think about the politics of the artist residency and how we can navigate through the landscape of the art world with care. This chapter of the program explores how we navigate residencies in times of struggle. Sekai Makoni’s research at Hotel Maria Kapel explores navigating an art residency for the first time as a black practitioner.

14. 00 – An invitation to rid yourself of your worries
14.30 – Workshop: ‘Self-Care in Self-Build’ by Harriet Rose Morley
15.30 – What if it all worked out? Reflections on navigating an art residency by Sekai Makoni
16.30 – In dialogue : Black womanhood and perfectionism; Sekai Makoni & Marly Pierre-Louis
18.00 – Curry & gezelligheid

Sekai Makoni is a researcher, organiser, writer and podcaster with roots in the UK and Zimbabwe. She is a graduate of the Sandberg Institute’s Critical Studies and also holds a Masters from the London School of Economics in Race, Ethnicity and Postcolonial Studies. Sekai’s previous work explores Black Feminism, Southern African colonial history, Black Queer re-imaginings of church, healing, faith and ritual. She is interested in how artistic practice might create space to explore ideas in ways that are more intuitive and accessible and create spaces for community and shared reflection. She also hosts the podcast ‘Between Ourselves’ which centres the voices of Black women in Europe.

Marly Pierre-Louis is a writer and creative strategist originally from Brooklyn, currently living in Amsterdam. She’s interested in using technology, art and words to tell stories, amplify messages, and organize people and ideas. Marly is the co-founder of Amsterdam Black Women collective — a community of diasporic Black women chasing their dreams through Europe. She’s also a co-founder of fuck zine and co-editor/curator for Versal. She pays the bills as a Principal UX Copywriter at Booking.com.

Harriet Rose Morley is a multi-disciplinary artist, maker, educator, and facilitator. She works across the disciplines of public art, sculpture, architectural spaces, furniture design, urban planning, and alternative education. Her work and projects often challenge our conceptions of the function of public art, urban objects and space; how they do but often don’t function, and how they can be sources of humorous critique of urban architectural space and planning.