press release: ‘slow burn’

Hotel Maria Kapel [HMK] is pleased to announces its 2020 research programme. With Slow burn HMK takes time to reflect on what it means to care – for the art institution, for artists, for audiences and for ourselves.

Over the past 15 years HMK has welcomed many artists from across the world to work and present their projects in the centuries old chapel. In 2019 a newly appointed Editorial Committee, consisting of artists Griet Menschaert and Maja Bekan and curator Miriam Wistreich, was invited to reflect on the challenges HMK and other artist-in-residences and art institutions are facing in the current cultural climate. This reflection takes artistic and exhibitionaty form in 6 chapters. Through the concepts of Space, Navigation, Work, Endurance, Community and Time, Slow Burn brings together a range of voices to think about the politics of the artist residency and how we can navigate through the landscape of the art world with care.

Throughout the year HMK asks: Who do we care about and for? How can we build an institutions and spaces of care within the limits of an exploitative system, with which we are all complicit?

After two preliminary chapters in 2019 – Space and Navigation – HMK now enters 2020 through the concept of Work. The chapter brings together four artists who look at work, its histories and the relationships and realities it produces from varying angles, examining how we work, why we work so much and the function of work in contemporary society. First HMK welcomes Vibe Overgaard and Emilia Bergmark, followed by Katherine MacBride and a screening by Kirsten Astrup and Maria Bordoff in March. Together they pose the question of systems past and lost and future ways of living, being and listening.

Current project:

WORK: Vibe Overgaard & Emilia Bergmark, Potato’s and Work, 2020

Previous projects:

NAVIGATION: Sekai Makoni, What i fit was all going to be ok?, 2019

SPACE: Kevin Hunt, BEWEME, 2019

Year’s resident: Harriet Rose Morley, Self-care in self-build, 2019-2020