New online programme, reflecting on recent events regarding the COVID-19 crisis, exploring ways of caring and coping, finding a new normal and imagining possible futures for ourselves and cultural institutions.

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With FORUM, three open discussion pages on our website, we want to actively involve you to help us (and each other!) shed more light on three issues, regardless of your (professional) background or situation.

Go straight to FORUM 1: Crisis – A multitude of perspectives

Go straight to FORUM 2: Reframing – Finding a new normal

Go straight to FORUM 3: How to go ahead – cultural institutions

Contributions can be short or long, personal or descriptive, English or Dutch, and you may refer to other resources, initiatives, sites, or organizations. The most inspiring/interesting contributions will be (after your approval) shared on our social media. The ultimate goal is to get a good overview of the current situation, but also imagines what a better future could look like, for ourselves and for cultural institutions such as HMK. Take care!