Summer residency: project space at7

While a 7×4 meter pool by artist in residence Rik Dijkhuizen fills our chapel (on view until 13 September), Hotel Maria Kapel [HMK] presents resident project space at7 and a public programme that explores how we can host and care for our communities, local and international, with pleasure and accountability. Please join us for a day of learning, lounging, eating and performances curated by at7 on 22 August.

To That Special Someone, Part II – summer at HMK
A day of performances and care: Saturday, 22 August 2020, 12.00 – 21.00

Over the past 15 years HMK has hosted artists from near and far to live and work in Hoorn. Our community reaches from the Achterstraat to Rotterdam, from North to South. How can we become better at hosting all of those communities? How could we embrace our differences instead of assuming sameness?

A day of performances and care
In the early afternoon HMK and curator Staci Bu Shea (CasCo Art Institute: Working for the Commons) host a workshop to develop a Care Rider.  Inspired by “access docs,” a document that outlines the needs of a person living with disability, this tool facilitates conversations about what a collaborator needs in order to have equal access to work. The workshop explores planning-as-care, and finds ways to foster informed consent and to invite greater accountability.

The workshop is followed by a Q&A with artist Harriet Rose Morley in celebration of her ongoing project Self-Care in Self-Build which unfolds at HMK in 2020.

The evening is reserved for linner – at7’s staple mix of lunch and dinner – and works by Jake Caleb & Merve Kılıçer, Clementine Edwards & Adam Patterson and Bhajan Bhoy. 

A new kind of residency
With at7’s residency, HMK introduces a new type of artist in residence format focused on mentorship. Over the course of 2020 HMK and at7 will work together to develop new learning trajectories that reflect on institutional workings, dialogue and how to work together. This will be the first mentorship residency, to be continued in 2021 and 2022. The format is a step in HMK’s process of supporting emerging artists and initiatives.

HMK’s Creative Director, Miriam Wistreich says: “HMK has always been a place for artistic and curatorial experiments, ever since its inception as an artist-run space. Our new residency reimagines what at HMK residency can be – for the artist and the institution. As a young artist you are mostly responsible for your own progression, you create your own opportunities. With the mentorship residency we open an ongoing dialogue between residents and our institution to see what we can learn from each other about working and learning. We are very pleased to be discovering and formulating new paths together with at7.”

Poolside Public Programme
Inside Poolside is a celebration of water, embodiment and community. The exhibition and public programme makes places for coming together with care and joy after a time of turbulence and home seclusion. During Inside Poolside HMK invites the audience to join a range of activities, from a community-focused Art History lesson to synchronized swimming workshops and a festive neighbourhood pool picnic in the Weesthuistuin.

Thursday, 6 August, 19.30-21.00: Art History School: Community
Saturday, 22 August, 12.00-21.00: To that special someone, part II – by project space at7
Saturday, 29 August, 13.00-17.00: Be like water – synchronized swimming workshop
Sunday, 6 September 15.00-18.00: HMK Open Day during Cultuurweek Hoorn
Sunday, 13 September, 13.00-17.00: Finissage: Poolside Picnic

Project space at7
Project space at7 is an artist initiative that shows and supports experimentation and (new) collaborations between artists. Between 2017 and 2019 at7 was located in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, where the collective hosted exhibitions, screenings, performances and dinner parties, bringing together artists and creatives from the entire world. at7 is currently run by Vera Mennens, M. Maria Walhout and Bergur Thomas Anderson.

Rik Dijkhuizen
Rik Dijkhuizen (b. 1988) is a visual artist whose multidisciplinary work often reflects on wellbeing, failure, overcoming and ‘taking things literally’. Water is a recurring theme in his work. Dijkhuizen uses personal and collective references to create imaginative narratives between memory and fiction – otherworldly environments that transcend place and context but feel strangely familiar.

The exhibition and summer programme Inside Poolside is kindly supported by Mondriaan Fonds, Gemeente Hoorn, Stichting de Hoorn and Cultuurmakersfonds.