Inside Poolside

installation by artist Rik Dijkhuizen
with a public programme and a summer residency by project space at7
on view: 1 August – 13 September 2020

Summer is upon us! Hotel Maria Kapel [HMK] is thrilled to present Inside Poolside, an exhibition and public programme on community, care and the waters that connect us. His new work, a pool in the centuries-old chapel of HMK, sets the stage for a summer residency by project space at7 and a programme that unfolds over the course of the summer.

We come together at swimming pools to play, to feel our bodies and those of others, to rest, to gossip, to illicitly gaze, to check in with ourselves or check out of the stress of everyday life. Pools are places of communing and of exposure, of vulnerability and sheer joy, where we enjoy endless summer days, melting ice creams and the cool sting of chlorinated water on sun-kissed skin. What are your poolside memories?

Inside Poolside is a celebration of water, embodiment and community. The exhibition and public programme makes places for coming together with care and joy after a time of turbulence and home seclusion. This summer, HMK explores how we can host and care for our communities, local and international, with pleasure in this vulnerable and challenging time.

A pool in a chapel
Artist Rik Dijkhuizen presents a fully functioning (shallow) pool in the exhibition space of HMK. Brightly coloured and inviting, the installation is inspired by the philosophy of water, which reminds us that water is everywhere and flows through all of our bodies and landscapes. Water itself can create communities: our swimming pools are places for togetherness, collective embodiment and joy. Dijkhuizen’s new work for HMK invites the audience to commune, to dip their feet and chill by the pool.

Says Dijkhuizen: “My installation Inside Poolside reflects on the idea that water carries meaning and memory, and distributes positivity and negativity through our bodies and across time and space. Our bodies and beings are more watery and fluid and less static and isolated than we tend to think. Water already brings us pleasure and respite; we feel nurtured by taking a shower, we overcome failure by taking a plunge, we feel connected by immersing our body in a river – we can almost taste happiness in a glass of water. Pools are places where we come together, like water, with water, through water. What if we build watery communities – like pools? The installation I have made for HMK is meant to be a communal oasis of wellbeing, caring and togetherness, somewhere between memory and fiction.” 

To that special someone, part II
Next to the sparkling water of Dijkhuizen’s installation, HMK will host project space at7, starting 1 August. To conclude their residency with HMK at7 hosts To that special someone, part II, a day of talks, performances and community that explores the idea of exchange and what it means to invite.

Public programme
During Inside Poolside HMK invites the audience to join a range of activities, from a community-focused Art History lesson to synchronized swimming workshops and a festive neighbourhood pool picnic in the Weesthuistuin.

Says Miriam Wistreich, Creative Director at HMK: “With Inside Poolside we really want to invite people in. HMK is a space for experimental contemporary art, which can sometimes be inaccessible and hard to grasp. With this multifaceted programme of Rik Dijkhuizen’s impressive swimming pool and at7’s contribution, we hope to reach many different audiences. Inside Poolside is really a celebration of creativity and community – in Hoorn and beyond.

Thursday, 6 August, 19.30-21.00: Art History School: Community
Saturday, 22 August, 12.00-21.00: To that special someone, part IIby project space at7
Saturday, 29 August, 13.00-17.00: Be like water – synchronized swimming workshop
Sunday, 6 September 15.00-18.00: HMK Open Day during Cultuurweek Hoorn
Sunday, 13 September, 13.00-17.00: Finissage: Poolside Picnic

Slow Burn
Inside Poolside is part of HMK’s 2020 programme Slow Burn, developed by curator Miriam Wistreich and artists Maja Bekan and Griet Menschaert. Through six chapters – Space, Navigation, Work, Endurance, Community and TimeSlow Burn brings together a range of voices to think about the politics of the artist residency and how we can navigate through the landscape of the art world with care. With Dijkhuizen and at7’s residencies HMK asks “what is the role of the residence within its (local) community?” and explore how we can develop methods and spaces to care for our hearts, bodies and relationships.

Rik Dijkhuizen
Rik Dijkhuizen (b. 1988) is a visual artist whose multidisciplinary work often reflects on wellbeing, failure, overcoming and ‘taking things literally’. Water is a recurring theme in his work. Dijkhuizen uses personal and collective references to create imaginative narratives between memory and fiction – otherworldly environments that transcend place and context but feel strangely familiar.

(image: Rik Dijkhuizen, My Baby Float, visual research for Inside Poolside, 2020)

Project space at7
Project space at7 is an artist initiative that shows and supports experimentation and (new) collaborations between artists. Between 2017 and 2019 at7 was located in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, where the collective hosted exhibitions, screenings, performances and dinner parties, bringing together artists and creatives from the entire world. at7 is currently run by Vera Mennens, M. Maria Walhout and Bergur Thomas Anderson.

The exhibition and summer programme Inside Poolside is kindly supported by Mondriaan Fonds, Gemeente Hoorn, Stichting de Hoorn and Cultuurmakersfonds.