On Shelter: year programme 2021

HMK is proud to announce its 2021 programme and artists in residence. The residents were chosen on the basis of a juried open call in spring 2020: Ganesh Nepal (NP), Setareh Noorani & Matt Plezier (NL), Minne Kersten (NL), Danai Giannoglou (GR), Alina Lupu (RO), Ada Patterson (BB), SX Juul (DK).

On Shelter
Since its conception, HMK’s 2021 programme has continued to gain urgency. The programme invites artists and cultural practitioners to think about where and how we can shelter and be sheltered. What do we need sheltering from and what would our (new) shelters look like? What are the politics of sheltering? Can we imagine shelters that are porous, spiritually and politically, that are in relation and exchange with different worlds? What could our worlds be? In the coming year HMK and its artists in residence will be examining notions of home and safety, motherhood and reproductive labour, climate catastrophe and transness and sleep.

Hotel Maria Kapel was built as a chapel belonging to a 16th-century monastery. For centuries, monasteries functioned as medieval ‘safe houses’ and centers for ‘intellectual progression’. They provided sanctuary, they welcomed people to study, they ran hospitals and schools – but we also have to look at monasteries as hermetic representatives of the knowledge of the elites, institutions dictating right and wrong; spaces of care, shelters, have always been double-edged.

While art may have promised us shelter, our art worlds rarely provide any. Our museums, schools, galleries – but also libraries, pools, parks, streets, buses, ocean retreats, mountains and forests, dark rooms, clothes shops and homes – all of them both shelter and threaten, pull and shape us into obedience, embrace, intimidate and reject us. Secular sanctuaries, capitalist havens, safe harbours. How can we think with and about artistic practice in such multiplicity of dispositions and fringes? Picking up and unpicking those threads, HMK’s 2021 programme On Shelter continues to respond to matters of urgency in the support of artistic practice. 

New types of residencies
With this new program HMK introduces three new types of residencies: the long-term residency, the curatorial residency and the mentorship residency. These have been developed following the learnings of HMK’s 2020 year of reflection and redirection. The long-term residency invites residents to develop a project in relation to the locality of Hoorn and its inhabitants. The mentorship residency invites one artist to be in year-long dialogue with the HMK extended team to develop their practice remotely. The curatorial residency invites a recently graduated curator from de Appel’s curatorial program to develop a summer exhibition in HMK’s chapel.

As a whole, the program aims to engage locally and provide a mix of accessible and experimental artistic projects. In 2021, HMK will house young practitioners and their projects, gradually shifting its gravity from a space of care to an institution for support. Emphasizing the internationality of communities of cultural workers in The Netherlands, HMK invited proposals from national and international practitioners that are based in The Netherlands.

HMK is closed until further notice, given the Covid-19 pandemic. In the meantime, we keep engaging you with our projects through our website and social media.


Made possible with the help of: Mondriaan Fonds, Gemeente Hoorn