Shelter in Place

Setareh Noorani and Matt Plezier
Residency: February – June 2021
Workshops and installation: TBA
Art History School: TBA

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At Hotel Maria Kapel (HMK) Setareh Noorani and Matt Plezier (SMET) revisit the typological and philosophical notion of shelter, its instability highlighted in precarious times and vulnerable situations, and unpick its material and cultural assemblage. During the coming 5 months, Noorani and Plezier will work together to create what they call ‘a situated architecture as communal ritual’ that retells and investigates the notion of trauma and shelter, personally and communally within the locality of Hoorn via public workshops, analogue strategies and an installation.

A Situated Architecture As Communal Ritual
SMET says: ‘For our art residency – Set Noorani and Matt Plezier (SMET) in Hotel Maria Kapel (HMK) – we research the different facets of shelter in Hoorn. We explore hidden local histories and the stories of the present in times of hyper-individualism and pandemic. From conversations with Joep Neefjes and Christiaan Heydenrijk, we conclude that in the past the municipality was sympathetic to the various squatting actions by artists. This has created a fertile breeding ground, which has also enabled HMK to grow into an institution with an international standing and a valuable position in the national art landscape.

Cohesion and cooperation as a form of shelter
We involve the different communities of Hoorn through workshops such as poster making (using the various free adhesive places in Hoorn), collective cooking (Mama Café and allotments), children’s workshops, zines and t-shirt printing. For this, we seek cooperation with local organizations such as Stichting Netwerk, entrepreneurs and artists.

The common area as a form of shelter
Being able to use a vacant space is important for this project, preferably a large empty shop in the city centre. By creating an easily accessible informal space, we hope to interest a wider audience and allow them to participate in our project and art in general. A space in which we create an archive of the city, organize small expositions and lectures/workshops, in order to reveal the hidden histories and stories of the citizens and their interdependence with Hoorn. An urban lab, with an info and print corner for the different ways of expression. Perpetuating intergenerational knowledge and interdisciplinary work for this solidarity and knowledge transfer is at the root of this endeavour. The space will be in use for the months of May to June, with the possibility of preparation and making it ready for use from the end of April.

Building collectively
With these stories and experiences, we will build a collective installation, which will be part of the summer programme of HMK.’

HMK is closed until further notice, given the Covid-19 pandemic. In the meantime, we keep engaging you with our projects through our website and social media.


Made possible with the help of: Mondriaan Fonds, Gemeente Hoorn and Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie