• RE_Constructing


    With: Jelle Bakker, Constant Dullaart, Jonathan Harchick and Josh Greene
    From: 17 February – 9 March 2008

    E_constructing concerned itself with metamorphosis, marking both the metamorphosis taking place in the guest house and offices due to refurbishments, and the process of appropriating Hotel MariaKapel Wijnja and De Wit were in. With RE_constructing we showed contemporary art and artists whose way of working was an inspiration to us. Our signature show featured participants from within the art world as well as without: Artist Josh Greene sent Edwin Figueroa, a stranger from his home town San Francisco, in his stead. Jelle Bakker pushed dedication and focus to amazing heights in the construction of his gigantic marble-track. Constant Dullaart re-contextualized ‘found’ materials by appropriating group pictures by strangers and putting new furniture in a 1992 living room. Jonathan Harchick didn’t need the art world at all, but propelled his bizarre productions into the world via the internet instead.