• Simultaan: Twin localization Hoorn / Cape Hoorn


    With: Merel van ‘t Hullenaar and Niels Vis
    From: 27 April – 18 May 2008

    Focal point in the collaborations between Van’t Hullenaar and Vis are notational systems representing time and space. Their installations confront the viewer with the difference between physical experience and the interpreted reality of measurement and cartography. In their installations, history, form conventions, and personal contribution coalesce.

    For Twin Localization: Hoorn / Cape Horn, Hotel MariaKapel functioned as starting point for a journey to Cape Horn in South Patagonia. Van ‘t Hullenaar and Vis approached their residency as a visual exploration: searching for early links between these two locations and studying the artistic expressions encountered in Hoorn in the period of the Dutch East India Company. The visual languages they encountered were utilized in the resulting work, which linked seafaring to feats of the imagination.

    For Twin Localization: Hoorn / Cape Horn,Van’t Hullenaar and Vis collaborated with members of the Foundation of Dutch Cape Horn Sailors. For the duration of the exhibition, they moved their meetings to the HMK chapel where they provided tours of the exhibition.