• Leap of Faith


    With: Navid Nuur, Sander Polderman
    From: 15 June – 29 June 2008

    During their residency at Hotel MariaKapel, artists Navid Nuur and Sander Polderman, by way of belief and disbelief, abandoned themselves into the uncertainty of outcome, which is inherent in the creation of art. While Nuur transforms thought into object, Polderman’s impressions creep into the world via the flow of lines. In the work of both of artists, text plays an important role. With Leap of Faith the artists explored the relationship between the monumental exhibition space of Hotel MariaKapel and their work. For Nuur that means examination into the literal space and submersion into his own text; with Polderman the relationship denotes itself in more of a social context. Nuur and Polderman previously collaborated on Drawing the Line Somewhere (2007, Cacaofabriek, Helmond), where they sought out the limitations of the handwriting of their inner worlds.