• Hotel MariaKapel, a portrait by Katie Jane


    With: Milan Bosnić & Milica Milićević, Jiří Černický, Cláudia Cristóvão, Hadassah Emmerich, Eva Kotatkova, Mladen Miljanović, Will Self, Jamie Shovlin, John Smith
    Special guests: Priscila Fernandes, Moses Foster, Chiara Fumai , Steven Gehrlich, Katya Grokhovsky, Kirsten Leenaars, Isabella Mara, Fred Martin, Sanyou Nagenda, Lekan Oguntunde, Kim Tuin, Raymond Watson, Noriko Yama
    Curator: Catherine Hemelryk
    From: 7 September – 28 September 2008

    Small towns have often been associated with twitching net curtains and nosey neighbours; the line between a healthy interest and something more sinister is easily blurred. In our day, the legendary Katie Jane kept a diary during the time she spent living in Hoorn, chronicling the people she saw and the events around her. Hotel MariaKapel, a portrait by Katie Jane was an exhibition with works introducing an aspect of unsettling activity. The diary of Katie Jane embedded these works in the city: from visiting the hairdresser that psycho-analyzed his clients in Hadassah Emmerichs mixed-media drawing to Mladen Miljanovics art attack – the boy who seems intent on exhibiting to the point of military ambush. An additional diary joined Katie Jane’s: that of the escapees of the 13 isolations art project, which took place in a derelict prison in Hoorn at the same time. In an unintentional re-staging of the Stanford Prison Experiment, conflicts soon escalated. The diary contains a variety of documents from the days the artists spent unnoticed at the edge of the city proving that you don’t necessarily know what is happening next door.