• I am Comedy / We are Comedy



    With: Nim-jo Chung, Juanan Eguiguren, Frank Koolen and Bedwyr Williams
    Screening Artists: Olaf Breuning, Nim-jo Chung, Juanan Eguiguren, Oliver and Tellervo Kalleinen, Otto Karvonen, Frank Koolen, Kim Noble, Roy Voss and Tom Souden and Bedwyr Williams.
    Curator: Toby Huddlestone
    From: 23 November – 14 December 2008
    Screenings: 12 November, Worm (Rotterdam). 13 November, W139 (Amsterdam), 13 December, HMK, 3 July 2009 Arnolfini (Bristol, UK).

    I am Comedy was a multi-locational project that combined residency, exhibition and screenings. Freud believed that humor often acts as a cover up for deeper, more tragic psychological states. Many of the artists in this project use humor as a diversion for more hidden ideologies – nihilistic and futile in the case of Nim-jo Chung, Juanan Eguiguren and Kim Noble, buoyant and celebratory in the case of Frank Koolen, social and political through the work of Olaf Breuning, Tellervo and Oliver Kalleinen and Otto Karvonen. I am Comedy consisted of a residency and exhibition, accompanied by a screening titled We are Comedy which was shown prior to the opening of I am Comedy. An end event was also held at Arnolfini in Bristol which included live performances, screenings, a youtube battle and live music.