• DNL / De Nieuwe Lobby


    With: Etta Fresemann, Bart Lodewijks, Marc Petstra, Jantine Wijnja, Daniël Dennis de Wit, Daniëlle van Zuijlen
    At: 13 December 2008

    DNL was a conglomerate of activities surrounding the opening of the newly refurbished HMK guest house and office. With the help of friends, relatives, local shops and people, and with support by the City of Hoorn, the guest house had become something truly special. Interior designer Marc Petstra designed and hand-built furniture for the HMK living room, and donated a hand-made cabinet and carpets for our newly established library. Artist Etta Fresemann added subtle wall paintings to the hallway, and co-hosted the event.
    Cees van der Maat, alderman of Hoorn, opened the refurbished guest house, Heidi Vogels of Transartists gave a talk on residencies, Daniëlle van Zuijlen presented the publication Appendix – Book Hotel Maria. Hotel Mariakapel 2007-2006, Van Zuijlen and Bart Lodewijks said there official goodbyes, Wijnja and De Wit presented the year program for 2009.