• Stop.Rewind.Skip.Play.

    With: Aaron Head, Tom Milnes, James Winnettt
    From: 12 February - 1 March 2009
    Exploring the global cult of Futurism through the eyes of the local.
    For Stop. Rewind. Skip. Play, artists Head, Milnes and Winnett will build a collection of narratives, borrowed and re-imagined from 'old' 
    futuristic media and technologies. Raw materials and imagery are gathered from films, television, literature and folk legends. Redundant 
    technology will be used alongside research into Hoorn. 
    Each of the artists involved seeks to connect the global, ephemeral and collective imagery of the forgotten ‘future’ (Hollywood, popular fiction) with the rooted, stagnant and local imagery of the forgotten ‘future’ (objects of failed technologies and sites of local significance). Thisclash between the imagined and the real, and the local with the universal, aims to investigate the constant human attempt at reconciling 
    our dreams of progress with our limited means.
    Like every town, Hoorn has a mythological or folk connection to future-ism; through performance, intervention and by building kinetic sculptures from redundant technologies, like video recorders or tape players, the artists will construct a reimagining of Hoorn and the concept of'future'.
    Aaron Head presents an eclectic body of work which includes oversized protest placards, Back to the Future VHS’s, naked models and 
    banal dioramas. His work uses references from popular kitsch culture to explore our impulse for nostalgia and hope. Tom Milnes is interested in cultures reliant on technology, cultures that only occur due to the invention/popularity of certain technologies. Milnes works in 
    various media including sound, performance, installation and interactive web-based projects. In a new performance, 21st Century 
    One-Man-Band, Milnes becomes a completely mobile one man electronica outfit incorporarting laptop/drum machine / synth and amp 
    whilst moving around the city on foot. James Winnett examines the social and geographic context of Hoorn, exploring the town’s sense of
    ‘place’ and the pressures shaping its identity. Working site-specially, Winnett reconfigures cultural artefacts and images using public 
    intervention, collage and installation. 
    Stop. Rewind. Skip. Play is the first project from Hotel MariaKapels yearprogram 2009, The Future is Near. Hotel MariaKapel is supported by the Mondriaan Foundation, the Province of Noord-Holland and Hoorn City Council.