• Ship of Fools

    afb_SHIP OF FOOLS in progress

    With: Swintak, Millennia Lytle,  Chad Jagoe, Don Miller  John Marriott, Olia Mishchenko and Mitzi Pederson.
    From: 3 May- 24 May 2009

    Hotel Mariakapel is pleased to present Ship of Fools, an exhibition by Canadian artist Swintak that brings together a diverse group of creative practitioners, including experimental naturopathic doctor Millennia Lytle, instrument inventor Chad Jagoe, intuitive carpenter/poet Don Miller, as well as artists John Marriott, Olia Mishchenko and Mitzi Pederson.

    The exhibition features a large-scale ship constructed through collective improvisation, with little knowledge about ships or how they are built. Drawing from the medieval allegory of the ship of fools, the ship houses works that delve into the realm of the impossible, imagining a place where artists have all the money in the world, the ability to bend time and space, transcend morality, and use anything and everything as art supplies. Visitors to the exhibition are welcome to walk through the internal chambers of the ship, exploring each artists’ individual reflections on the impossible.