• Long distance call


    With: David Horvitz (USA), Annegret Kellner (DE), Julie Upmeyer (USA),  Lee Walton (USA) and Feiko Beckers (NL)
    From: 6 September – 27 September 2009

    New technologies appear to make faraway or global connections easier then ever before; but how close does contact get without physical proximity? With Long Distance Call Hotel MariaKapel aims to investigate these new possibilities and their limits by focussing on instruction works in contemporary art: works developed by one artist and realized, over distance, by another. More specifically HMK wants to find out how intimate, intruding or locally embedded such new works can become. In other words: can collaborations overcome physical distances, and expand our creative possibilities?

    For Long Distance Call, we proudly present the following: David Horvitz (USA) and Annegret Kellner (DE). David Horvitz has been sharing ideas and instructions for works on a blog since the beginning of 2008. His humorous and poetic ideas are free for everyone to use. In her photographic works, Annegret Kellner places objects in a process of material transformation, for instance by covering work tools in milk or sowing tulips onto paper. HMK sees a correlation in the sense of poetry evoked by both the projects of Horvitz and the films and photographs of Kellner. In cooperation with Horvitz we invited Kellner to execute a selection of his instruction pieces and make adjacent, more personal, interpretations.

    Julie Upmeyer (USA / lives and works in Turkey). The Virtual Chef is a long-term project by Julie Upmeyer that has been taking place in Lille as well as near the Black Sea, and many locations in between. For The Virtual Chef, participants in two locations simultaneously cook a dish while being connected to the Internet in order to exchange information about the recipe, ingredients and anything else that comes to mind while cooking. At the opening of Long Distance Call Upmeyer will instruct visitors via Skype into cooking a Turkish Ramazan meal.

    Lee Walton (USA) and Feiko Beckers (NL). Lee Walton is a performance artist who recently started acting out the status updates of his friends on Facebook, a social networking site. These single lined status updates are interpreted as possible instruction pieces, visually transforming private statements into public performances.  The work of Feiko Beckers consists mainly of videos in which he investigates common notions of safety and social conduct. Attempting multiple times to trip over a banana peel, or acting out the instructions of an airline safety manual, his works are executed concise and rigorously. Hotel MariaKapel recognizes the analogies between the works and attitudes of Walton and Beckers, and asked them to work together in a collaborative effort for Long Distance Call.