• Elopement:a Lovable Exhange between the Netherlands en Cameroon

    With: Steven Jouwersma, Alioum Moussa, Justine Gaga, Boris Nzebo Nzepang, Sander Veenhof
    From: 30 October – 13 December 2009

    With Elopement, HMK entered into a close collaboration with artist-run residency Art Bakery in Douala, Cameroon. By eloping with Art Bakery, we aimed to broaden the horizon of all involved by literally having to work within each others structures. Dutch artists Veenhof and Jouwersma and HMK-curator Wijnja completed a residency at Art Bakery in November. Cameroonian artists Moussa, Gaga and Nzebo Nzepang lived and worked at HMK in December.

    During his residency, Jouwersma established the first Metalband of Cameroon, Ngos’a Bedimo, and jammed with the local drum band dressed like the jungle. Veenhof put his energy in the development of the NBEEP6, a morse-like means of communication both untraceable and free, based on a local infrastructure already in place. Upon request, artists’ talks in Cameroon were accompanied by screenings of contemporary video art featuring work by David Bestue & Marc Vives, Constant Dullaart, Emma Hart, and Simon Faithfull. All artists kindly sponsored the screening of their works.

    Whilst at HMK, Gaga, Nzebo Nzepandand Moussa also met with (amongst many others) SMBA, ijksakademie, and Enough Room for Space. Artist Ingrid van Laere organized studio visits in Hoorn, resulting in collaboration between Gaga and Wim Starkenburg, graffiti classes by Christiaan Heydenrijk, and more.

    Elopement made use aware of the great differences in mobility. We organized the meeting An afternoon of dilemma’s in which this was given central stage, and invited filmmaker Ton van Zantvoort and curator Robert Kluijver to presented works in which geographic borders and the issue of mobility were addressed.