• liFE Of a CRapHeaD



    Artists: Amy Lam (CAN), Jon McCurley (CAN), Matt Smith (CAN), Nikki Woolsey (CAN)
    Exhibition: 25 April– 8 May2010

    Life of a Craphead is a conceptual comedy duo from Canada, and consists of visual artists Jon McCurley
    and Amy Lam. In their shows, Lam and McCurley navigate the boundaries between comedy, theatre and
    visual art. For HMK, Life of a Craphead collaborates with musician/carpenter Matt Smith and artist/set-
    designer Nikki Woolsey, to create an overwhelming theatrical experience that captivates its audience with
    the thrilling story of Amy, the girl that fell into a well. Life of a Craphead absurdly and grotesquely inves-
    tigates how popular comedy functions within an artistic context and tells the true story of Amy in a ‘flawed
    but awesome’ way.