• KunstVlAai : My OWn PriVAtE BaYREuth


    Arturas Bumšteinas (LT)

    From May 15th till May 23rd of 2010, HMK will be represented at ArtPie, the bi-annual artfestival that was once founded to present an alternative to the more traditional and established artfair Art Amsterdam. Like in previous years, ArtPie 2010 will take place at Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.

    “At the present time, it will take up to nine years until an individual will be successful.”

    This year, the Lithuanian visual artist/composer  Arturas Bumšteinas will represent HMK at the ArtPie. His work at ArtPie stems from his personal fascination with Wagner’s operas. Last year, Bumšteinas ordered tickets for a wellknown Wagnerfestival that’s held every year in Bayreuth, Germany. Upon his request for tickets,  Bumšteinas was placed in a nine-year queue. He then decided that, every year he would spend on the waiting list, he would perform his own version of Wagner’s ‘Ring der Nibelungen’.

    During ArtPie 2010,  Bumšteinas will work with a diverse group of local musicians, to perform several scores of the first part of the Nibelungen cycle, ‘Das Rheingold’. In executing the opera, Bumšteinas will be using a very systematic approach. His aim is to deconstruct the piece, to return to its core elements. He will then reconstruct these elements according to his own artistic idiom.

    The opening of “My Own Private Bayreuth” at the ArtPie will take place on May 15th, in the Zuiveringshal at the Westergas terrain in Amsterdam.

    Arturas Bumšteinas previously worked with HMK, in 2007 he participated in DE_constructing, the first project of the current coordinators at HMK. Bumšteinas is both a composer and a visual artist, in his work he deals with the tension and boundaries between videoart, performance and experimental ‘electro-acoustic’ music.