• Quiet Is The New LOUD


    Artists: Stefano Calligaro (IT), Andrew Sroka (US), David Stamp (UK), Sjoerd Westbroek (NL)
    Curator: Teresa Iannotta (IT)
    Exhibition: 13 June – 4 July 2010

    β€œIt’s more and more common, actually, to find works in exhibitions that somehow hit the spectator as if they were shouting, instead of talking, and I don’t see the need of it.”

    In Quiet is the New Loud, guestcurator Teresa Iannotta aims to create a powerful exhibition in a most subtle way. By rejecting all overwhelming and distracting elements from the works in the exhibition, Ianotta wants to show us a contemporary art that returns to the origins of ideas.

    With the title of the show, Iannotta also refers to a similar development towards minimalism in popmusic. Therefore, a number of musicians were invited to play a minimal acoustic session within the context of the show, and the extraordinary acoustics of the Maria Chapel.