• teRRariUm


    Artists: Drew Denny (US), John Matthew Heard (US), Kyoung Kim (KOR/US), Edwina Portocarrero (MEX)
    Exhibtion: 3 September – 3 October 2010

    TERRARIUM is an installation and event series created by the Reclamation collective, which recombines practices of art, worship, and exploration in spaces designed to allude to the studio, the gallery, and the house of god—all in reverence of the natural world.

    During TERRARIUM the artists involved in Reclamation transform HMK into a DIY “church to nature”. By re-using discarded materials and building ingenious constructions like ceiling-aquaducts hung by handmade ropes and a mint-growing altar, they facilitate a merging of desert, forest and jungle in and with the HMK chapel. In this way TERRARIUM provides a space to share ideas, make a mess, and meditate on our relationship with the environment and thereby, each other.

    TERRARIUM’s calendar is packed with workshops, musical performances, lectures, and presentations in which visitors, groups, and (special) guests are invited to make something and further the discussion. Events include Constellate, for which visitors are invited to don white jumpsuits, choose a constellation (or invent their own), and recreate it with our bodies. Ritual/Music is a series of evenings in which adventurous artists/performers/curators perform site-specific work that react to the concept of ritual music. There are Tea Party Socials, in which the public is invited to partake in gray-water tea whilst conducting participatory arts projects. In the final weekend Fair will present solutions designed by school children, artists, and waste managers, among others, on how to discard of the materials used for the installation in a way that is “fair.”

    TERRARIUM is the third in the Reclamation series, which was co-founded by Denny and Kim in January 2009. Reclamation’s interactive installations create alternate ways to look at, consider, and engage with the environment. Reclamation strives to create spaces in which the public can consider the issues of environmentalism and religion that, when approached separately and through current modes of interaction, are so highly-charged that meaningful or constructive discussion is often precluded. Previous Reclamation shows include PLANETARIUM at Environmentaland (Los Angeles, CA) and AQUARIUM at Sea and Space Explorations (Los Angeles, CA).

    Terrarium is kindly supported by the Mondriaan Foundation, Stichting DOEN and the municipality of Hoorn.