• Research: Entomological Illustration

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    With: Ghalib El Khalidi (JOR/US)
    Exhibition: 22 February– 22 April 2011

    Jordan artist Ghalib El-Khalidi (who lives and works in Maui, Hawaii) often deals with the boundaries between
    science and fine art. During his researchresidency at HMK, El-Khalidi explored the field of Entomological Illustration.
    In the past few months, he visited many Museums of Natural History, among which Naturalis in
    Leiden, which hosts one of the largest collections of insects in the world.
    El-Khalidi will present his (preliminary) results this Sunday, and continue his research on insects with the
    audience during a short and informal gathering in HMK’s living room. Not only will he present his findings, he will
    also explore the value of insects and peoples often irrational fear of them. After this presentation and

    participatory research, HMK offers you a chance to stay for a bite and a drink.