• Supermarket Artfair: Love Disaster

    1012_ Supermarket_small
    With: Mariëlle Videler (NL)
    Exhibition:  18 – 20 februari 2011 in Stockholm, Zweden
    In February, HMK presented a project by Mariëlle Videler at the Supermarket Artfair. The fair hosted 71 artistrun
    centres from 25 European, American and Balkan countries. The Netherlands were well-represented with projects
    by HMK, the Zet Foundation, 1646, De Zwarte Ruyter and the Service Garage.
    Videler’s work, titled Love Disaster was selected from HMK’s annual Call for Proposals. For het project at
    Supermarket Artfair, Videler based her work on images of disasters that had happened at several recreational
    venues such as Het Hemeltje (Volendam, NL, 2001), the Beverly Hills Supperclub (US, 1977) and more recently
    the Love Parade (GER, 2010). She then transformed these facts and images in an installation consisting of
    drawings, a model, and performances throughout the fair.
    Mariëlle Videler’s work often consists of carefully choreographed situations, that strongly intensify the contact
    between performers, and between the performers and their audience. These meetings are strongly directed by
    the artist herself, thus prohibiting any external impulses or stimuli to influence the performance. In 2009, Videler
    presented the work Blinded Tourist in W139 (Amsterdam), where she invited artists from different countries to
    participate in a residency, and to work there under her specific restrictions.