• Encapsulated Stories

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    With:  Marie Ilse Bourlanges (FR),Elena Khurtova (RU), Virginie Rebetez (CH)
    From: 12 June – 3 July 2011

    In Encapsulated Stories the artists Marie Ilse Bourlanges (FR),Elena Khurtova (RU), Virginie Rebetez (CH), connect and combine visual arts, crafty methods with the role of local history of Hotel MariaKapel in an exciting way. The project Encapsulated Stories is a cooperation between four artists, they all graduated from the Rietveld academy in  Amsterdam. Marie Ilse and Elena both have an architectural background. Virginie Rebetez is educated as a professional photographer.

    During Encapsulated Stories the artists concentrate on the visible trails history left behind in the MariaChapel, and the stories
    those trails tell: Who were the people who lived here, what were their thoughts, what were their habits? Can the artists trace
    back what kind of lives the former inhabitants through the trails they left behind?

    During Encapsulated Stories the three artists develop an archive of  physical trails and in that way make the history of HMK
    and the orphanage and churches hisoy comprehensible for a larger audience. In creating the works in the chapel, the artists
    work ‘as a forensic team at a crime­scene’. They research all surfaces ( walls, floors, roofbeams ) for proof and markings
    that history created. For instance; there are still carvings with the names of children that lived in the orphanage , what is now
    the HMK Guesthouse. At the same time Bourlanges, Rebetez and Khurtova have interviews with archaeologists, old
    residents, and other Horinezen, who know a lot about the history of the former orphanage and the MariaChapel.
    Virginie Rebetez’ (CH) text and photography investigates lost identities and recreate visual arhives of untruthful/ untrustful
    memory. The fictional aspec t of Photography, is a way for Rebetez to recontruct a history and broken links.