• It, Or The Something In The Lake

    It,or the something in the lake_small

    With: Erik Alkema (NL), Avi Krispin (IL) and Gregg Louis (US)
    Exhibition: 2 October – 7 November 2011

    With: Erik Alkema (NL), Avi Krispin (IL), Gregg Louis (US) found this story circulating in the dark corners of the
    internet: When the former Zuiderzee was closed of by de Afsluitdijk in 1932 and Het IJsselmeer came into existence,
    people were not told the whole reason for why this dam had to be built. The official reason was to get the
    unpredictable sea under control. What was never made public was that the dam was also put there in order to
    keep ‘something’ out. Records of unexplained events, rare sightings, rumors and fears of this’ something’ have
    existed in local folklore from all along the coastline of the sea dating back to 716. Evidence has been found
    linking two prominent families that resided in Hoorn in the 17th century to a secret society dedicated to taming
    IT. Though some people deny that this society ever existed, and some claim IT is only a myth, recent findings
    have shed light on the secrets behind the rumors…
    In ‘It, Or the Something in the Lake’, Alkema, Krispin and Louis investigate the local legend by revisiting the
    secret society and their rituals as well as clues that are left behind in the city of Hoorn. Inspired by research into
    old archives and interviews with local residents and expert crypto-zoologists, the artists create visualizations
    through sculpture, relics, photos, performance and a documentary, culminating in an installation in the Maria Chapel