• TriBuTe to JuLiaN b. COco

    Katrein Breukers, Tim Breukers
    Exhibition: 22 April – 20 May 2017
    Opening festival: 22 April, 3-8 pm
    Finissage: 20 May, 7-9 pm

    Brother and sister Tim and Katrein Breukers give a tribute to the versatile musician Julian B. Coco (1924-2013). Coco was born in Curaçao and by playing music in many different styles linked traditional Western music with Latin American music. He also was the first musician ever to graduate from a Dutch conservatory with the guitar as his main subject. Visual artists Tim and Katrein Breukers however, know Julian Coco because he was a very good friend of their grandmother who studied at the conservatory with him and always remained good friends with him afterwards. In a playful manner the artists examine the legacy of Julian Coco and music as a connecting collective experience. The resulting installation represents both an imaginary as well as an actual meeting point in which the space, performance, sculpture and the public come together.

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