• lIgHt MoveMent HoOrN

    2 June 2017

    The artist and HMK resident Alanna Lawley seeks to absorb her environment’s physical terms, creating site-specific architectural constructions that masquerade as photographic collages. Through multiple processes, Lawley creates connections to the spatial and physical relationships of image, space and photography. She invited Light Movement to organise a selection of films as a reflection on the themes present in her ambitious site-specific works and to inform her residency at Hotel Maria Kapel, where she continues to develop her body of work referred to as 3D collages.

    The selected films offer a range of approaches to architecture, from documentary forms to structural poetic impressions – yet there are many formal links. The psychological resonance of spaces, the inner experience of time passing and the encounter of the everyday environment all crop up repeatedly in various guises, allowing one version of a story to be told which is that of our very personal yet ultimately paradoxical experiences of space.

    Alexandre Favre – Mies Van Der Rohe: Architecture as language
    2012 -2015, 16mm to HD, 05:05, colour, sound

    Vincent Grenier – Tabula Rasa
    1993-2004, 16mm transferred to digital, 07:30, colour, sound

    James Edmonds – Inside Outside
    2008/2015, super8, 6:00, colour, soundtrack

    Marcel Türkowsky & Elise Florenty – Delirium Ambulare Series I, II, III, IV
    Ongoing since 2012, Super 8 transferred to DVD, 12:30 min, colour, silent

    Karen Johannesen – Light Speed
    2007, Super8, hand processed, 05:28, colour, silent

    Anouk De Clercq – Building
    2003, video, 11:41, B&W, sound

    Andrés Denegri – Aula Magna
    2014, 16mm, 06:59, colour, sound