• About HMK

    Hotel Maria Kapel (HMK) is an artist-in-residence, exhibition space and cinema for contemporary visual art in the city centre of Hoorn; a historic town 40 kilometres north of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. HMK is a non-profit organization that aims to assist young as well as more established artists from all over the world in the production of new work and promote exchanges between national and international artists, cultural institutions and the public. The studio/exhibition space of HMK is located in an early 16th century chapel, surrounded by a semi-private courtyard. This beautifully tranquil and spacious working environment offers the artists-in-residence a unique space for reflection, experimentation and production. HMK places the artist at the centre of its activities, and stimulates risk-taking as a key element of artistic development. The public programme of exhibitions, screenings, lectures, workshops and publications, aims to challenge perceptions of what constitutes contemporary art, and bring the audience closer to the practice that motivates it.

    Click here for a list of all artists from 2003 till now.

    Korte Achterstraat 2a
    1621 GA Hoorn
    The Netherlands
    +31 (0)229 752252

    Opening hours:
    Wednesday – Saturday, 13 – 17 h

    Irene de Craen – artistic director
    Steve Scheirsen – business director (+31 (0)612665288)
    Sanna Gertenbach – production assistant
    Rik Dijkhuizen – communication coördinator (+31 (0)613658339)
    Femke van Walstijn – intern

    Graphic design:
    Julie Héneault
    (identity by Multitude/Klaas Melenhorst)

    Luciën Greefkes
    Robbert Former
    Wendy Laan
    Jos van Tol

    Jaap Schaper – chairman
    Sjoerd Westbroek – treasurer
    Tanja Karreman – board member
    Ron Dol – board member
    Wouter Sibum – board member

    Hotel Maria Kapel is supported by the Mondriaan Fund and the municipality of Hoorn.

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