eyeS On THe PRiZE

Guestcurator: Bas Hendrikx
Artists: Kasper Jacobs, Yarre Stooker, Bas Schevers, Harry Meadley, Alex Farrar
Exhibition: June 10 – July 1, 2012

Eyes On The Prize deals with the differences and similarities between the fields of sports and the arts and applies the rules of the game to the unwritten laws of the visual arts. During their residency in the past weeks five artists have developed new works for the exhibition.

Eyes On The Prize creates a clear connection between the themes of sports, competition and visual arts. Themes used by the artists include ‘the game’, ‘elite sports’ and ‘dueling’. By linking a popular topic such as sports to the arts, HMK explores the roles art can play, both inside and out the Chapel.

For his project Bas Schevers will be coached by artist André Kok, Kasper Jacobs will collaborate with locals on the script for a new video work, Yarre Stooker organises a Wingstyle Linefootball league, a sport developed by the artist, and Alex Farrar and Harry Meadley will start a collaboration based on the ‘Code Duello’; a set of 19th century rules for one-on-one combats. In their work competition is not just a subject, but also defines their way of working.