The Arbour Lake Sghool: Scott Rogers, Andrew and John Frosst, Justin Patterson
Exhibition: August 26 – September 21, 2013

From 26th august to 21 september, inhabitants of Hoorn and West-Friesland can produce their own television program at Hotel Maria Kapel. In Hoorn Public Access Television the public get to control the production of media. Four Canadian artists of The Arbour Lake Sghool help the participants with production, technical assistance and guidance to make the programms.

At the opening we shown the video that have been created in these past weeks, people had the oppertunity to also meet the guys and discuss their own plans, to start working immediately.

The Arbour Lake Sghool has been working together as a collective since 2003, with somewhat varying composition, but always with the participation of Scott Rogers, Justin Patterson and Andrew and John Frosst. As a group they have accomplished their projects at institutions and universities but also in galleries and abroad: in parks, gardens and public spaces. They always look for the connection with society and they analyze how education, public and political processes affect our daily lives. They are pushing the envelope: where others may dismiss a plan that somehow seems strange or unrealistic, The Arbour Lake Sghool sees chances for an incredible experiment.