With Lotte Geeven, Toni van Giel and Ingmar König
Exhibition: October 20 till November 16, 2013

The dark months ahead are the pretext for the exhibition Oktoberfest. No matter how trite that folk festival may be, the exhibition is the opposite. The exhibition is a tribute to the imagination, and offers the viewer new perspectives for experiencing the works in the exhibition.

Toni van Tiel’s work consists of an ever-expanding collection of drawings in which he proposes sculptures and installations in public space. They are utopian ideas, sometimes funny, sometimes megalomaniacal. All of his designs could be executed, but this  is not necessary. His small realistic drawings are so clear that the idea materializes directly into the head of the viewer. For his presentation at Hotel Maria Kapel he has organized the balustrade in such a way that you are so close to the drawings, it seems as if you find yourself inside of them.

The chapel has been used by Lotte Geeven and Ingmar König to build a graphical area in which they recorded a movie. This film, in which the image is located between location and object, is subject to a constant state of transition in which the human action with respect to the provision of time moves in parallel to each other as two independent forces. The concentrated ritual of maintenance within this temporal pattern shows an abstract resemblance to actions in the landscape or in a factory, but remains undefined.

The exhibition has been made possible with the kind support of the VSBfonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds en Gemeente Hoorn.