before the transit after the shift

Maria Gondek, Alicja Bielawska
April 13 – May 10, 2014

For the exhibition before the transit after the shift artists Maria Gondek and Alicja Bielawska have been invited to produce new work that reflects on the spatial qualities of the chapel. Their shared approach towards the distortion of materials and the analogy between object and volume, results in large scale installations of seeming lightness. Similar to the title of the show, which can be repeated in an endless recurrence, their works deal with the inbetween state of flexibility and solidification, where rigid materials seem to have been set in motion only to be soli- dified again a moment later.

With her subtly disorienting installations Maria Gondek plays tricks on the spectators´ senses. Be it the unexpected movement of a seemingly steady wooden floor gently wobbling, or aluminium poles that appear to have been bent by the floor and ceiling to which they´re connected; Gondek’s works possess a certain obviousness, as if they were informed by the exhibition space itself. For this exhibition Maria Gondek will produce a new installation, resembling the structure of a buoy, gently moving in a still space. Alicja Bielawska´s installations are often constructed like spatial drawings, changing their composition depending on the angle from which they´re perceived. Everyday materials such as wire, cloth and coloured thread form the main ingredients for her sculptures, which present themselves as abstract shapes resembling fences, room dividers and various other pieces of furniture. Upon closer look however, her works are detached from the ordinary, and are an invitation to re-observe reality. For before the transit after the shift Bielawska shows a new series of works of tent- like frames partially covered in cloth, addressing notions of light, transparency and scale.