ATtiC Bij HoTel MarIa KApel

With: Rebecca Ounstead and Oliver Tirre
Exhibition: June 22 – July 12, 2014

Hotel Maria Kapel is proud to present the second part of its exchange with One Thoresby Street/ATTIC with new works by Rebecca Ounstead and Oliver Tirre.

For the past three weeks, Ounstead and Tirre have been using the exhibition space of Hotel Maria Kapel as their working studio. Although not directly making work together, they have collaborated on the way in which they both occupy the space. Stemming from their interests in display structures, install methods and in-situ placements of works, they have created their own MDF display system. These structures are then used both as supports as well as backdrops to smaller works, and works that perhaps would usually only exist in the studio.

Rebecca Ounstead
Lured into a fetishistic play; materials beckon to be teased and manipulated, fluffed up and glossed. Swathes of organza lick cool steel, Egyptian cottons lay sodden, soft faux furs flirt with becoming sullied. Object becomes ornament. Painting becomes pattern. Fabric becomes framework. Arrangement and precise placement activates the work, suggestive of a lustful touch. Protruding. Straddling. Hanging. An aesthete’s eye undresses the scene, noting moments of intimacy between materials. Brushed cotton fibres. Corpulent folds. Glossy blonde ponytails. A seasoned, tasteful awareness of colour palette, pattern and texture are inherent in creating a dialogue which is then performed through the components relationships and proximities to eachother. The work endeavours to stimulate and titillate the observer. Proposed, Poised, Precise. 

Oliver Tirre
Tirre’s work incorporates appropriated images/motifs with provisional materials, which are put through various processes that simultaneously lead to their disjunction from original reference and building into new formations. Recent works are visualizations of thoughts that regularly occur when ‘the artist’ goes to their studio. And are ongoing interrogations into physical engagement with materials, alongside thinking’s performative nature. By operating in a similar way to a maquette, his objects have potential for an expanded territory and existence whilst being in a state of absence and loss of content.

ATTIC/One Thoresby Street
ATTIC is an exhibition space within One Thoresby Street, a studio and gallery complex based in Nottingham currently programmed by Rebecca Ounstead. To support the development of the artists, curators, producers and writers who work within One Thoresby Street, the ATTIC looks outside of itself by bringing people to Nottingham to exhibit, discuss, create and critique what takes place within the city and within a wider national and international context of artist-led galleries and projects.