I DeLETed YouR PiCtUre

belit sağ and Merve Bedir
26 August – 30 September 2017

I Deleted Your Picture is an exhibition that brings together a video and a spatial installation by belit sağ and Merve Bedir. In her work sağ researches the rhetoric, presentation and manipulation of images, with a particular focus on the role of the image maker in the politics of representation. Bedir’s practice deals with processes of urban transformation and appropriation, migration, collectiveness and commons, from a spatial perspective. At HMK they are working together for the first time to create an exhibition that combines both practices.

Their collaborative project considers the subject of erasure as a source to read conflict. Instead of reflecting on what is shown, and by whom, the work is an investigation into what is omitted from representation, and how this affects public memory. The work looks at how people themselves participate in a kind of ‘active forgetting’ with which they try to create a new present. Additionally, the project asks questions about how what is omitted can still be visible because it is impossible in our digital age to truly erase something. The exhibition thus responds to the question of the production and distribution of images, and the impossibility of undoing imagery, because it is in the nature of images that once they have entered our system, they are part of us, and more than that: they are us.

With this exhibition we published a Studio Note that can be downloaded here, or bought in our shop.