Still life w/ longdrink glasses, ping-pong balls and footnotes

Tim Hollander
11 November – 16 December 2017

The copy;
The homage;
The imitation;
The reference;
The replica;
The forgery;
The re-enactment.

When visiting a local collector (let’s call him V.) prior to his residency in Hoorn, artist Tim Hollander came across a series of four longdrink glasses with ping pong balls. The objects turned out to be self-made replicas of the art work Relationships by Damien Hirst. The original work is in storage. Hirst, often criticized for appropriating ideas of other artists, is all of a sudden himself subject to a form of appropriation.

For the exhibition at Hotel Maria Kapel, this set of longdrink glasses and ping-pong balls are the starting point for a series of visual and textual associations regarding copying and the value of the replica. Through stories, spatial interventions and reflections in both text and sculpture, Hollander offers a personal approach to the role of the replica within his own practice as well as the art world. Textual interventions in the exhibition function as loosely connected footnotes to the physical work in the same way a footnote providing context might determine the value of a replica, or a conceptual work like Relationships. The idea of using footnotes in an exhibition stems from a desire to provide different contexts within a single exhibition. Instead of telling visitors what to see, footnotes can offer alternative ways of seeing and thinking that go beyond a description of the work.

The work of Tim Hollander (1987) reflects on the presentation, representation and facilitation of contemporary art and exhibitions. In his work he often uses the language of exhibition making, but inside his presentations and installations its separate parts are subject to transformation. Despite their unchanged functional appearance, the objects lose their intended logic and function, which is not always replaced with a new one. Hollander looks for a balance between recognition, (biting) humour, (self) reflection and serious matter. Hollander graduated with honours at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU) in 2014, and was granted the Jan Zumbrink Award for his graduation work. He was a resident at the Jan van Eyck academy. He currently works and lives in Amsterdam.

With this exhibition we published a Studio Note that can be downloaded here, or bought in our shop.