Hotel Maria Kapel celebrates 15th anniversary! Support us!

This year Hotel Maria Kapel celebrates its 15th anniversary. With pleasure we look back at the many of artists who stayed in our guest house and showed their work in the historic chapel.

Hotel Maria Kapel is an artist-in-residence, exhibition space and cinema; a place which supports artists in the production of new work. The public programme brings the public closer to contemporary art practice and the subjects that they examine.

In recent years Hotel Maria Kapel played a role in the career of many national and international, well-known and lesser-known artists. Artists such as Raúl Ortega and Batia Suter, for example, had a residency period in the early days of Hotel Maria Kapel and have since grown into internationally renowned artists. Mounira al Solh stayed with HMK in 2006, has since exhibited at documenta 14 and recently had a solo exhibition at The Art Institute of Chicago.

A retrospect of course is not complete without Nimbus II, the now world-famous work by Berndnaut Smilde, where a real cloud was produced within the walls of Hotel Maria Kapel. Since then, the artist has made international fame as the ‘cloud artist’, recently with a high-profile installation at The Armory Show in New York.

Berndnaut Smilde, Nimbus II, 2012

Berndnaut Smilde: ‘At the time HMK made it possible for me to test an idea that meant everything in retrospect.’

We are proud of 15 years of Hotel Maria Kapel but we also want to look forward to the future. Currently we are working with a new conceptual framework: Undercurrents. With this programme, HMK investigates the relationship between historical and contemporary forms of movement such as colonialism, trade and migration, as well as the infrastructure and the meaning of mobility in the cultural field. Now more than ever it is necessary to have this public debate, to reveal the traces of the past and to learn from them. We believe that HMK and Undercurrents make a special contribution to this.

Help us realize these ambitions!

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With your help, HMK can continue to give artists the opportunity to produce new work. Although we are financially supported by the Mondriaan Fund and the Municipality of Hoorn, we are also dependent on other forms of monetary support to be able to realize our programme and to keep our exhibitions free of entrance. Your support is therefore vital in order to realize special art projects in the future! You can contribute to the future of HMK in various ways: by means of a one-off or periodic donation or by becoming our Friend.

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* Foto: archiefbeelden uit: Book Hotel Maria; Hotel Mariakapel 2006-2003 
Links: Raúl Ortega, The Last Supper, happening during opening, 2003
Rechts: Batia Suter, overzichtsfoto van installatie in Hotel Maria Kapel, 2004