Hotel Maria Kapel welcomes editorial committee

With enormous enthusiasm, we can announce that from 1 April 2019 the team of Hotel Maria Kapel [HMK] has been expanded with an editorial committee consisting of three members: Maja Bekan, Griet Menschaert and Miriam Wistreich. Welcome!

Over the past 15 years a succession of different teams have been in charge of HMK and now it is time for a period of reflection on the functioning and positioning of the organisation. The editotial committee develops a programme for this ‘year of reflection, maintenance and repositioning’ and reflects on HMK’s artistic and business policy, and the way this is put into practice. The aim is to create a sound foundation for the repositioning of HMK and to do so in a transparent way. Additionally the committee is responsible for manifestly strengthening certain areas and aspects of HMK.

This new organisational structure replaces the previous positions of artistic director and business director. Steve Scheirsen, former business director, will fill the post of coördinator, responsible for all daily activities of HMK.

Keep a close eye on our website and social media to follow all developments.


Photo: Bart Treuren. Left-to-right, top-to-bottom: Saskia de Vries (volunteer), Wim Starkenburg (volunteer and videographie), Luciën Greefkes (volunteer), Dimitra Fellerhoff (volunteer), Barbara Mesland (volunteer and translations), Maja Bekan (editorial committee member), Sanna Gertenbach (production), Falke Pisano (board member), Sjoerd Westbroek (board member), Miriam Wistreich (editorial committee member), Griet Menschaert (editorial committee member), Steve Scheirsen (coordinator), Jos van Tol (volunteer and technical support), Rik Dijkhuizen (communications & pr).